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SWF Actions

The pages defined below include all the actions defined in Flash.

Different actions are supported in different version, so please, look at the version when attempting to use that action.

Some actions have been deprecated and should not be used in newer version of Flash (mainly the untyped operators.)

There are two schemes supported in Flash 9 and over: ActionScript 2 and 3 (also referenced as AS2 and AS3.)

AS2 was created in Flash animations version 1, enhanced in versions 3, 4 and 5. In version 5, it because AS1. Version 6 greatly fixed many of the problems in older versions. Version 7 and 8 only added a few more features. Version 9 makes use of Tamarin which is a much more advanced mechanism used to execute the compiled ActionScript code. The huge improvement comes from the header that gives the system access to all the functions and variables without having to search for them through the action script.