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odbcpp, a simple C++ library to access ODBC

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Representation of an ODBC Database

odbcpp is a strong C++ wrapper for ODBC.


The ODBC library is an interesting concept created by Microsoft in 1988. It is a library that wraps the implementation details of database managers inside drivers. And these drivers are accessible from the library.

One of the main problem with accessing any database system, is the large number of possible failures. Handling those by hand (i.e. in C) is really hard work. The ODBC library is a low level C library that has over 100 functions all of which can fail at any time.

The odbcpp is a strong C++ wrapper. It checks for errors on every single call to the ODBC interface. If an SQL statement, a connection or anything else fails, the library generates an exception. This helps not only in accelerating your development with the ODBC library, it will also help your programmers avoid many bugs.

odbcpp license

The license of the odbcpp library is the GPL v3.0. This means you are free to use this library in your open source projects as much as you like.

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Technical Features

The odbcpp library includes the following features:

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