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Using our robust open-source C++ library and scripting language, ScriptSWF (SSWF), you can create Adobe Flash animations on the fly.

Since it's initial release in 2002, SSWF has been extremely popular. Despite never being advertised, it has been downloaded more than 77,250 times just on, has been converted to work on several Unix platforms not initially supported, and has been integrated into several commercial products with great success.

SSWF supports most of the Adobe Flash tags, including audio, ActionScript, and the new enhance fonts features introduce in version 8. The project includes a JavaScript compiler, in a library of its own, in order to compile ActionScripts to byte code supported by all the Adobe Flash players.

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SSWF License

The SSWF project is protected by the MIT license. This means you can freely reuse the code for free and proprietary projects.

If your company and/or lawyer still wants you to pay for a license, purchase a 1 year basic support (use the button on the right) and send us an email. We will send you a signed document clearly showing that you have a legal license to use SSWF with your proprietary software.

Technical Features

The SSWF library and toolkit includes the following features:

  • Complete C++ Library Documention with Doxygen
  • Highly efficient Flash and ActionScript optimizers
  • Easy to use scripting language with ActionScript support
  • C++ library to compile ActionScript programs
  • Support most of the tags of Flash up to version 9
  • Palettized and true color images with alpha support
  • mp3 support
  • Protect your animations
  • jpg2swf generates slideshows from a set of JPEG images
  • ft2sswf converts fonts to SSWF scripts
  • swf_dump to check out your final animations
  • Complete documentation of the Adobe Flash format
  • (recommended by the Adobe developer community as superior to Macromedia's stock documentation)
  • C language bindings