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Here you will find a few of the software solutions that have been made possible by Made to Order Software Corporation. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Snap! Websites

Made to Order Software created Snap! Websites, a CMS system, which allows customers to create their own websites, hosted on our servers.

The new version of Snap! is actually Open Source. You can find more information about Snap! Websites Open Source on the Snap! Website a C++ CMS website.

A few customers using our old Snap! offer include:

Order Made!®

Starting with a simple request from a local restaurant owner, we created a system to help busy restaurant owners fill more orders with Order Made!®—our high-performance online food ordering and payment system. Your new Order Made! website is available immediately upon request and can be set up in just a couple hours.

Unlike other online ordering systems, Order Made! is:

  • Fast—regardless of connection speed;
  • Organized—the entire menu and shopping cart are accessed from one page;
  • Flexible—customize all text, add pictures, backgrounds, and more;
  • Aesthetically pleasing—sleek design, pop-up menus for ingredients; and
  • Safe—credit card numbers are encrypted using a 4,096-bit key pair.

Helping Save Lives at Volcano Corporation

s5i System by Volcano Corp. Volcano Corporation builds complex medical systems used to image venous canals using catheters. It helps save lives by making sure doctors use stents only when required. Made to Order Software is proud to help Volcano reach its goals with their embedded software systems.

Made to Order Software value added includes high quality technical documentation approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA and similar agencies in Japan and Europe.

Made to Order Software is also helping Volcano grow by analyzing and developing a multi-platform and fully automated build system.

TGH Aviation

We helped TGH Aviation port their existing legacy system based in MS-DOS to Microsoft Access 2007, allowing them to track their airplane parts consistent with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, track part compatibility between equipment and tracks sales, invoices and handles accounting.

Real-time Image Processing

Presenter uses his hand to move a cloud over a satellite mapWe helped create the first integrated televisual weather system, which included a very easy-to-use graphical interface, static background maps, animated symbols, text, and satellite imagery delivered via the Internet. Stations implementing this program reported increased reliability, larger selections of satellite imagery, and a reduction in costs of up to 50%.

We also developed the first affordable 3D forecast system, utilizing satellite information to generate 3D movies in real-time, on demand. This weather system was used for everyday weather presentations by over 30 television stations in the US, Canada, France, Germany and Kuwait. Our CEO also authored the first real-time software tracking system that can track the hand of a person on camera. This tracking system has been patented (USPTO 345156000; Method and apparatus for locating a pointing element within a digital image.)

The below video shows SKYTRACK. A system developed by Alexis Wilke in 1995 that tracks the hand of the weather caster in realtime. This was the only fully functional version at the time.

Telestration Systems

SportsWRITER and ScreenWRITER could both be used in dual screen modeWe created a Sport Telestration System: SportsWRITER. This system was so much more powerful than the other existing systems that the newscast decided to make use of it too.

This was the first Telestration System to offer an option with two monitors: one to control the system and one with the output. This system was used in the US (ABC, CBS, Fox, KOMO, KNBC), Canada, Japan (NHK), England (BBC, BSkyB, Channel 4), France (Canal+), Germany (ZDF), Switzerland and Poland.

Remote Operator Interfaces

Quest WROV by Schilling RoboticsWe helped develop and engineer the operator interface that controls the Quest WROV by Schilling Robotics. The Quest WROV submarine is primarily used by oil companies to explore the ocean depths with its 24 cameras, robotic arms and miscellaneous third party attachments.

Corporate Websites

We have created several corporate-quality websites, and can double your servers' performance by creating a corporate look for your site without resorting to dynamic pages that can bog down your system. We incorporate all major web sites features such as e-commerce, forums, blogs, search engines, and the capability to localize to different languages.

Library Documentation

We have expertise in software development life-cycle documentation—from requirements and design, to UML diagrams and end-user documentation. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality has earned us high regard with our clients.

For instance, our most recent work at Volcano (which utilizes software for medical diagnostic equipment) meets the high standards required to satisfy FDA regulations. In addition, our SSWF library ships with flash format documentation, which was actually voted by Adobe customers as superior to that of Macromedia's own official documentation!

Consumer Products

The vast array of consumer products we have helped develop include:

  • Initiative trackers for table top role playing game masters (Turn Watcher™)
  • Power point enhancers
  • Professional-quality video editors
  • Automatic book readers
  • Real estate data processing tools
  • Agricultural expert systems
  • Video games

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