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Store Register

SWF Action
Action Category: 
Action Details: 
Action Identifier: 
Action Structure: 
unsigned char   f_register;
Action Length: 
1 byte(s)
Action Stack: 
pop 1 (a), push 1 (a)
Action Operation: 
a1 := pop();
target.g_register[f_register] = a1;
Action Flash Version: 

Pop one value from the stack, push it back on the stack and also store it in one of 4 or 256 registers which number is specified in the tag (0, 1, 2 or 3 only if not in a Declare Function (V7). I tried other numbers and they don't work in SWF version 6 or older.) Until set a register has the value undefined. The value of a register can be retrieved with a Push Data action and the register type with the matching register number.

(To be tested) It is likely that trying to read a register which is not legal in a Declare Function (V7) will generate an exception (Yes! A Throw!) but I wouldn't be surprised if you just get undefined.


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