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Set Variable

SWF Action
Action Category: 
Action Details: 
Action Identifier: 
Action Structure: 
Action Length: 
0 byte(s)
Action Stack: 
pop 1 (a), pop 1 (s)
Action Operation: 
a1 = pop();
s2 = pop();
*s2 := a1;
Action Flash Version: 

Pop one value and one string, set the variable of that name with that value.

If this instruction is executed inside a function and a local variable of that name exists, then that local variable value is changed (as long as the name is not a full path name.) Note that to make sure that you set a local variable, it is a good idea to use the Set Local Variable action instead.

Nothing is pushed back on the stack. Variable names can be full paths as defined in the Get Variable action.


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