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libsswf: Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
sswf::ActionHolds an action
sswf::ActionBranchAn action to change the execution pointer
sswf::ActionCallFrameChange the SWF pointer to the specified frame
sswf::ActionDictionaryCreate a dictionary action
sswf::ActionDictionary::string_tHolds one dictionary string
sswf::ActionFunctionThe action to hold an ActionScript function
sswf::ActionFunction::parameter_tHold the parameters name and register number
sswf::ActionGotoA goto action to change the current frame
sswf::ActionLabelCreate a label in an action script
sswf::ActionPushDataThe PushData action adds data on the ActionScript stack
sswf::ActionPushData::action_immediate_tOne data entry of a PushData action
sswf::ActionSetTargetThis class is used to define the sprite on which the actions apply
sswf::ActionStoreRegisterStore the top stack value in a register
sswf::ActionStrictModeThis action is used to define the current scripting mode
sswf::ActionTryThis action encompasses the Try, Catch and Finally actions
sswf::ActionURLGo to a static or dynamic URL
sswf::ActionWaitForFrameCreate an action used to wait for a frame to be loaded
sswf::ActionWithBlock including variable member names refering to the With object
sswf::BlendModeThe mode used to render the object on the screen
sswf::BufferLinked list of memory buffers for easy memory management
sswf::Buffer::mem_buffer_tHold the magic and a pointer to the actual buffer
sswf::ColorA small object to hold an SWF color
sswf::ColorTransformThe simple color transform of a TagPlace tag
sswf::DataBuffer object used to save the SWF movie
sswf::EdgesList of coordinates to draw shapes
sswf::Edges::array_edge_tOne set of edges; when full, allocate another
sswf::Edges::edge_tThe basic structure used to hold the coordinates of an edge
sswf::EnvelopeAn array of volumes for a sound effect
sswf::ErrorManagerThis class helps the user to know what errors occur in the library
sswf::ErrorManager::ErrorHandlerA sub-class to derive from to receive errors
sswf::ErrorManager::InternalErrorExceptionClass defined to throw exceptions in the library
sswf::EventUsed to declare the events a button or place object support
sswf::Event::event_names_tInternal structure used to save event name names and their corresponding bits
sswf::Event::key_names_tThis is an internal structure used to list keys and their code
sswf::ItemBaseThis class is used to derive from
sswf::MatrixThe position matrix
sswf::Matrix::signed_matrix_tMatrix of longs; used to compute the matrix to be saved in the movie
sswf::MemBufferA type of smart pointer used to manage memory buffers
sswf::MemoryManagerA garbage collector manager
sswf::SoundInfoInformation about out to playback a sound effect
sswf::SRectangleThe SWF rectangle
sswf::StateThe state a button will react to
sswf::StyleDefines the style of a shape
sswf::TagBaseThe base of all the tags
sswf::TagBaseIDThe base of all the tags with an ID
sswf::TagBinaryDataBinary data reusable by the ActionScripts
sswf::TagButtonCreate an active area
sswf::TagCSMTextSettingsDefines extraneous settings for text tags
sswf::TagDoActionThis tag hold an ActionScript
sswf::TagEditTextDefines a dynamic edit text box
sswf::TagEndMark the end of a list of tags
sswf::TagExportThe object used to export objects to another movie
sswf::TagExport::export_tOne export entry with the identifier of the object to export and the export name
sswf::TagFontDefine a system or embedded font
sswf::TagFont::font_glyph_tStructure used to represent a glyph
sswf::TagFont::font_info_tStructure used to handle one glyph information
sswf::TagFont::font_kern_tStructure used to define one kern entry
sswf::TagFrameLabelDefines a label (name) for a frame
sswf::TagHeaderThe header or root of the SWF movie
sswf::TagImageThe image class in SWF
sswf::TagImage::image_tDefines a bitmap
sswf::TagImportImport a set of object defined in another movie
sswf::TagImport::import_tDefines each imported object identifier, name and type
sswf::TagInfoAn attempt in creating a TagInfo
sswf::TagMetadataThe description of the SWF animation in humain language
sswf::TagPlaceTag used to place (or remove) an object in the display list
sswf::TagProductInfoInformation about the software creating the output animation
sswf::TagProtectMark the movie as protected
sswf::TagRemoveRemove an object from the display list
sswf::TagScalingGridDefines a grid to scale windows, buttons and other objects with edges
sswf::TagSceneFrameDataRaw data for your scene and frame
sswf::TagScriptLimitsDefines the limits to the script interpreter
sswf::TagSetBackgroundColorSet the background color of the movie
sswf::TagSetTabIndexSet the tab key index for objects
sswf::TagShapeDefines an SWF shape
sswf::TagShape::save_info_tHolds information used to save a shape
sswf::TagShape::shape_edges_tThe set of edges: line and curve segments
sswf::TagShape::shape_record_tRecords to separate different sets of styles
sswf::TagShape::shape_setup_tThe set of setup: fill, line and move
sswf::TagShape::shape_what_tA base class to define edges and setup information
sswf::TagShowFrameTag marking the limit between each frame
sswf::TagSoundDeclare a sound
sswf::TagSound::sound_wave_tDefines an MP3 sound wave (format, channels, rate, alignment, etc.)
sswf::TagSpriteGroup shapes, sprites, texts, buttons, sound, etc
sswf::TagStartSoundClass used to start/stop a sound
sswf::TagTextEnter a label (text string) in an SWF file
sswf::TagText::text_define_tStructure used to memories the type of definition
sswf::TagText::text_entry_tStructure representing a text entry (an actual string)
sswf::TagText::text_setup_tStructure representing a text setup
sswf::VectorsManages an array of pointers to other objects
SSWF_JPG_DESTINATIONStructure definition for the destination buffer of a JPG image
SSWF_JPG_ERRORStructure used to read a JPG image
SSWF_JPG_SOURCEStructure definition for the source buffer of a JPG image

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