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HTML documentations of the SSWF project

Welcome to the HTML documentation of the SSWF Project

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The SSWF License
The license covering the entire SSWF project
The complete reference of the SSWF scripting language
Alexis' Reference to SWF
The fully tested set of tags and action scripts of the SWF format
The Doxygen reference of the SSWF library
This is new work in progress documenting of the SSWF library generated with Doxygen
The reference of the sswf library
This is the old and never finished documentation...
ActionScript Compiler
The complete reference to the actionscript available with the SSWF compiler
ActionScript Compiler Internals
The complete reference to the asc tool in SSWF; this is the really low level stuff, what you probably don't want to read
ActionScript version 3
This is also called abcFormat from the Mozilla Tamarin project. This is what is official used by Adobe Flash in version 9+.
SSWF Tutorials
A list of examples explained in plain English by Ray Gardener.
The manual pages of the sswf compiler; it includes the command line options and such
Use swf_dump to look into existing files and/or to see that what you generated looks correct
The manual page of the tool used to create an SSWF script out of a freetype compatible font
The manual page of the tool used to create an SWF movie from a JPEG image; with multiple images, you can create an animation
ECMA 262 version 3 (1999)
The action script C-like language reference
ECMA 262 version 4 (not official yet)
The action script C-like language reference (this was implemented in SSWF version 1.7.3beta, first fixes are in 1.7.4)
ECMA 357 (2005)
How to write Javascript within XML tags