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libsswf: sswf::TagScalingGrid Class Reference

Defines a grid to scale windows, buttons and other objects with edges. More...

#include <libsswf.h>

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:TagButton :TagSprite

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Public Member Functions

const SRectangleGrid (void) const
 Returns the currently defined grid rectangle.
ErrorManager::error_code_t GridPreSave (void)
 Ensures the minimum version.
ErrorManager::error_code_t GridSave (Data &data, sswf_id_t id)
 Save the scaling grid tag.
ErrorManager::error_code_t ParseGridTag (TagBase::swf_tag_t tag, const Data &data)
 Parse data from a file into a ScalingGrid tag.
void SetGrid (const SRectangle &rect)
 Define the Scaling Grid rectangle.
virtual ~TagScalingGrid ()
 Cleans up the object.

Private Attributes

SRectangle f_grid

Detailed Description

This class was introduced in version 1.8.0.

The Scaling Grid tag defines a grid used to scale a button or a sprite (some window like object which has a border/edge and corners not to be scalled as usual.)

This tag is derived by the TagButton and TagSprite and is not otherwise supposed to be used by itself.

This tag adds the Grid() and SetGrid() functionality to the TagButton and TagSprite.

Internally, it also adds the GridPreSave() and GridSave() functions.

See also:
SWF Alexis' Reference—Define Scaling Grid

SWF Alexis' Reference—swf_tag

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TagScalingGrid::~TagScalingGrid (  )  [virtual]

The destructor is virtual. It has nothing to do otherwise.

Member Function Documentation

const SRectangle & TagScalingGrid::Grid ( void   )  const

This function returns the currently defined grid rectangle.

The grid rectangle

References f_grid.

ErrorManager::error_code_t TagScalingGrid::GridPreSave ( void   ) 

This function requests that the movie be at least of version 8.

This function is automatically called by the TagButton::PreSave(Data& data) and TagSprite::PreSave(Data& data) functions.

ErrorManager::ERROR_CODE_NONE when no error occured, an error otherwise

References sswf::ErrorManager::ERROR_CODE_NONE, f_grid, sswf::SRectangle::IsEmpty(), and sswf::TagBase::MinimumVersion().

Referenced by sswf::TagSprite::PreSave(), and sswf::TagButton::PreSave().

ErrorManager::error_code_t TagScalingGrid::GridSave ( Data data,
sswf_id_t  id 

This function saves the button or sprite reference and grid rectangle.

This function is automatically called by the TagButton::PreSave(Data& data) and TagSprite::PreSave(Data& data) functions.

data The Data buffer where the result is saved
id The identification of the button or sprite
Zero when no error occur, non-zero otherwise

References sswf::Data::Append(), sswf::Data::ByteSize(), sswf::ErrorManager::ERROR_CODE_NONE, f_grid, sswf::SRectangle::IsEmpty(), sswf::Data::PutShort(), sswf::SRectangle::Save(), sswf::TagBase::SaveTag(), and sswf::TagBase::SWF_TAG_DEFINE_SCALING_GRID.

Referenced by sswf::TagSprite::Save(), and sswf::TagButton::Save().

ErrorManager::error_code_t TagScalingGrid::ParseGridTag ( TagBase::swf_tag_t  tag,
const Data data 

This function reads the password saved in the ScalingGrid tag.

Note that the password is kept encrypted.

[in] tag The tag that generated this call
[in] data The Data buffer from the Flash file being loaded
An error if one occurs, or ErrorManager::ERROR_CODE_NONE

References sswf::ErrorManager::ERROR_CODE_NONE, f_grid, sswf::Data::GetShort(), and sswf::SRectangle::Parse().

Referenced by sswf::TagSprite::ParseTag(), and sswf::TagButton::ParseTag().

void TagScalingGrid::SetGrid ( const SRectangle rect  ) 

This function copies the input rectangle as the new Scaling Grid rectangle of the button or sprite.

You use this function directly from the button or sprite as follow:

        TagButton *button;


rect The new Scaling Grid rectangle

References f_grid.

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