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libsswf: sswf::TagEnd Class Reference

Mark the end of a list of tags. More...

#include <libsswf.h>

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:TagBase :MemoryManager

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Public Member Functions

virtual ErrorManager::error_code_t Save (Data &data)
 Save the TagEnd in the specified Data buffer.
 TagEnd (TagBase *parent)
 Initialize the TagEnd.
virtual swf_type_t TypeFlags (void) const
 Returns the type flags of the TagEnd.

Private Member Functions

virtual ErrorManager::error_code_t ParseTag (swf_tag_t tag, const Data &data)
 Parse data from a file into a End tag.

Detailed Description

This tag is used to mark the end of the list of tags in the main movie and in a TagSprite control list.

It seems that a TagEnd is not mandatory, but it can help to have it so the movie can be considered 100% valid. For this reason, the SSWF library will automatically add an sswf::TagEnd whenever none are present. Also, if the control list does not end with a sswf::TagShowFrame, that tag is also added.

        if not(control list ends with TagEnd) then
                if not(control list ends with TagShowFrame) then
                        add TagShowFrame to control list
                end if
                add TagEnd to control list
        end if

See also:



SWF Alexis' Reference—End

SWF Alexis' Reference—swf_tag

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TagEnd::TagEnd ( TagBase parent  ) 

A TagEnd is empty. The only initialization is the parent of the tag.

parent The parent tag of this tag

Member Function Documentation

ErrorManager::error_code_t TagEnd::ParseTag ( swf_tag_t  tag,
const Data data 
) [private, virtual]

This function does nothing since the End tag has no data.

[in] tag The tag that generated this call
[in] data The Data buffer from the Flash file being loaded
An error if one occurs, or ErrorManager::ERROR_CODE_NONE

Implements sswf::TagBase.

References sswf::ErrorManager::ERROR_CODE_NONE.

ErrorManager::error_code_t TagEnd::Save ( Data data  )  [virtual]

This function saves the TagEnd which is saving a 16 bits zero in the Data buffer.

data The Data buffer where the TagEnd is saved
The function returns zero when no errors; non-zero otherwise

Implements sswf::TagBase.

References sswf::ErrorManager::ERROR_CODE_NONE, sswf::TagBase::Name(), sswf::TagBase::Parent(), sswf::TagBase::Previous(), sswf::TagBase::SaveTag(), sswf::TagBase::ShowFrame(), and sswf::TagBase::SWF_TAG_END.

TagBase::swf_type_t TagEnd::TypeFlags ( void   )  const [virtual]

The TagEnd is a CONTROL tag.

The type flags of this tag

Implements sswf::TagBase.


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