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libsswf: Member List

This is the complete list of members for sswf::Matrix, including all inherited members.

ComputeMatrix(signed_matrix_t &m) const sswf::Matrix [private]
f_rotatesswf::Matrix [private]
f_scale_xsswf::Matrix [private]
f_scale_ysswf::Matrix [private]
f_skew_0sswf::Matrix [private]
f_skew_1sswf::Matrix [private]
f_translate_xsswf::Matrix [private]
f_translate_ysswf::Matrix [private]
IsNull(void) const sswf::Matrix
operator!=(const Matrix &matrix) const sswf::Matrix
operator==(const Matrix &matrix) const sswf::Matrix
Parse(const Data &data)sswf::Matrix
Save(Data &data)sswf::Matrix
SetRotate(double rotate)sswf::Matrix
SetScale(double x, double y)sswf::Matrix [inline]
SetScale(double scale)sswf::Matrix [inline]
SetSkew(double skew0, double skew1)sswf::Matrix [inline]
SetTranslate(long x, long y)sswf::Matrix [inline]
UncomputeMatrix(const signed_matrix_t &m)sswf::Matrix [private]

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