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libsswf: Member List

This is the complete list of members for sswf::Envelope, including all inherited members.

AttachBuffer(Buffer *buffer)sswf::MemBuffer
Envelope(unsigned long p, unsigned short l, unsigned short r)sswf::Envelope
Envelope(const Envelope &envelope)sswf::Envelope
f_leftsswf::Envelope [private]
f_positionsswf::Envelope [private]
f_rightsswf::Envelope [private]
GetBuffer(void) const sswf::MemBuffer
ItemBase(void)sswf::ItemBase [inline]
Left(void) const sswf::Envelope
Position(void) const sswf::Envelope
Right(void) const sswf::Envelope
Save(Data &data) const sswf::Envelope
~ItemBase()sswf::ItemBase [inline, virtual]
~MemBuffer()sswf::MemBuffer [virtual]

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