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libsswf: Member List

This is the complete list of members for sswf::Data, including all inherited members.

AdjustSize(size_t size)sswf::Data [private]
Append(const Data &append)sswf::Data
ByteSize(void) const sswf::Data [inline]
Empty(void)sswf::Data [inline]
f_datasswf::Data [private]
f_limitsswf::Data [private]
f_possswf::Data [private]
f_rpossswf::Data [mutable, private]
f_sizesswf::Data [private]
GetBits(int &value, size_t bits) const sswf::Data
GetByte(int8_t &c) const sswf::Data
GetByte(uint8_t &c) const sswf::Data
GetDLong(int64_t &ll) const sswf::Data
GetDLong(uint64_t &ll) const sswf::Data
GetDoubleFloat(double &f) const sswf::Data
GetLong(int32_t &l) const sswf::Data
GetLong(uint32_t &l) const sswf::Data
GetLongFloat(float &f) const sswf::Data
GetReadPosition(void) const sswf::Data
GetShort(int16_t &s) const sswf::Data
GetShort(uint16_t &s) const sswf::Data
GetShortFloat(float &f) const sswf::Data
GetSize(void) const sswf::Data [inline]
GetString(MemoryManager *mem, int l, char **str) const sswf::Data
IsEndOfData(void) const sswf::Data
Limit(unsigned long limit, bool offset) const sswf::Data
MemAlloc(size_t size, const char *info)sswf::MemoryManager
MemAttach(MemBuffer *ptr, size_t size, const char *info)sswf::MemoryManager
MemClean(void *ptr)sswf::MemoryManager
MemFree(void *ptr)sswf::MemoryManager
MemRealloc(void *ptr, size_t size, const char *info)sswf::MemoryManager
Overwrite(size_t offset, const void *ptr, size_t size)sswf::Data
OverwriteByte(size_t offset, char c)sswf::Data
OverwriteLong(size_t offset, long l)sswf::Data
OverwriteShort(size_t offset, short s)sswf::Data
PutByte(char c)sswf::Data
PutDLong(int64_t ll)sswf::Data
PutDoubleFloat(double f)sswf::Data
PutLong(long l)sswf::Data
PutLongFloat(float f)sswf::Data
PutShort(short s)sswf::Data
PutShortFloat(float f)sswf::Data
PutString(const char *string)sswf::Data
Read(void *&ptr, size_t &size)sswf::Data
Read(const void *&ptr, size_t &size) const sswf::Data
ReadAlign(void) const sswf::Data
ReadBytes(void *ptr, size_t size) const sswf::Data
SetReadPosition(size_t pos) const sswf::Data
SetSize(unsigned long size)sswf::Data
Size(void *ptr)sswf::MemoryManager
StrCat(const char *s1, const char *s2)sswf::MemoryManager
StrDup(const char *string)sswf::MemoryManager
Write(const void *ptr, size_t size)sswf::Data
WriteBits(long value, size_t bits)sswf::Data
~MemoryManager()sswf::MemoryManager [virtual]

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