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libsswf: Member List

This is the complete list of members for sswf::Buffer, including all inherited members.

Buffer(Buffer **head, size_t size, const char *info)sswf::Buffer
Buffer(Buffer **head, MemBuffer *ptr, size_t size, const char *info)sswf::Buffer
Data(void) const sswf::Buffer [inline]
DMAGIC enum valuesswf::Buffer [private]
f_datasswf::Buffer [mutable, private]
f_headsswf::Buffer [private]
f_infosswf::Buffer [private]
f_nextsswf::Buffer [private]
f_previoussswf::Buffer [private]
f_sizesswf::Buffer [private]
FindBuffer(void *ptr)sswf::Buffer [static]
Info(void) const sswf::Buffer [inline]
Next(void) const sswf::Buffer [inline]
OMAGIC enum valuesswf::Buffer [private]
Previous(void) const sswf::Buffer [inline]
Realloc(size_t size)sswf::Buffer
Size(void) const sswf::Buffer [inline]

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