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Brief Description: 

Information about a previously defined font. Includes the font style, a map and the font name.

Tag Structure: 
struct swf_definefontinfo {
	swf_tag			f_tag;		/* 13 or 62 */
	unsigned short		f_font_info_id_ref;
	unsigned char		f_font_info_name_length;
	unsigned char		f_font_info_name[f_name_length];
	if(version >= 7 && f_tag.f_tag == DefineFontInfo2) {
		unsigned		f_font_info_reserved : 2;
		unsigned		f_font_info_small_text : 1;
		unsigned		f_font_info_reserved : 2;
	else if(version >= 6 && f_tag.f_tag == DefineFontInfo2) {
		unsigned		f_font_info_reserved : 5;
	else {
		unsigned		f_font_info_reserved : 2;
		unsigned		f_font_info_unicode : 1;
		unsigned		f_font_info_shiftjis : 1;
		unsigned		f_font_info_ansii : 1;
	unsigned		f_font_info_italic : 1;
	unsigned		f_font_info_bold : 1;
	unsigned		f_font_info_wide : 1;	/* always 1 in v6.x+ */
	if(version >= 6 && f_tag.f_tag == DefineFontInfo2) {
		unsigned char		f_font_info_language;
	if(f_font_info_wide) {
		unsigned short		f_font_info_map[f_font_glyphs_count];
	else {
		unsigned char		f_font_info_map[f_font_glyphs_count];

A DefineFontInfo tag will be used to complete the definition of a DefineFont tag. It uses the exact same identifier (f_font_info_id_ref = f_font_id). You must have the corresponding font definition appearing before the DefineFontInfo since it will use the number of glyphs defined in the DefineFont to know the size of the map definition in the DefineFontInfo tag.

When it looks like it perfectly matches an existing system font, the plugin may use that system font (as long as no rotation is used, it will work fine.) It is also possible to force the use of the system font by declaring an empty ...


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Brief Description: 

List shapes corresponding to glyphs.

Tag Structure: 
struct swf_definefont {
	swf_tag			f_tag;		/* 10 */
	unsigned short		f_font_id;
	/* there is always at least one glyph */
	f_font_glyphs_count = f_font_offsets[0] / 2;
	unsigned short		f_font_offsets[f_font_glyphs_count];
	swf_shape		f_font_shapes[f_font_glyphs_count];

It is common to use the DefineFont tag in order to create an array of shapes later re-used to draw strings of text on the screen. Note that the definition of the shape within a font is limited since it can't include any specific fill and/or line style. Also, each shape is assumed to be defined within a 1024x1024 square. This square is called the EM Square. Fig 1. below shows you the EM Square and how it is used. The characters baseline can be placed anywhere within the EM Square (it certainly can be outside too if you wish?!?).

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Adobe Flash Animation by Made to Order Software

Making a great thing even better!

The letters SSWF in a curly font with dots on the ends.

 SSWF Support 
Using our robust open-source C++ library and scripting language, ScriptSWF (SSWF), you can create Adobe Flash animations on the fly.

Since it's initial release in 2002, SSWF has been extremely popular. Despite never being advertised, it has been downloaded more than 77,250 times just on, has been converted to work on several Unix platforms not initially ...

odbcpp, a simple C++ library to access ODBC


Representation of an ODBC Database

 Get a Commercial License 
odbcpp is a strong C++ wrapper for ODBC.


The ODBC library is an interesting concept created by Microsoft in 1988. It is a library that wraps the implementation details of database managers inside drivers. And these drivers are accessible from the library.

One of the main problem with accessing any database system, is the large number of possible failures. Handling those ...


CuteMenu To Do List

There are probably many things that could be done on this module. This is a short list for now:

Example of Cute Menu usage

Example of usage

The Turn Watcher website, a commercial product by Made to Order Software, now uses the CuteMenu module in two places:

  1. The main top-bar menu: Turn Watcher
  2. The User Guide navigation menu: Turn Watcher User Guide
  3. The main top-bar menu: Linux Geek Page
  4. The main top-bar menu: Sacramento Copiers
  5. The main top-bar menu MORE...: Order Made!®

In Turn Watcher, I removed the default background from the top CuteMenu items. The top bar menu is pretty standard and shows as a nice drop-down, the User Guide has two cool features: it is right aligned ...

Turn Watcher™


The Turn Watcher Helmet with wings on the side and a gold medallion on the front.Turn Watcher™ is a Combat Initiative Tracker by Made to Order Software! Turn Watcher was created by gamers for gamers to help you run your combat rounds more smoothly and efficiently.

Turn Watcher keeps track of the combat order of each player character (PC) and monster involved in your encounters by tracking player and monster initiative order and current hit points so you don't have to!

Turn Watcher lets you make secret skill checks and will saves for player characters. It manages the PCs and monsters that have delayed or readied actions. And it handles automatic bleed out of dying PCs and monsters!


Made to Order Software releasing Order Made!® v1.11

In October 2007, Made to Order Software released the first version of Order Made!®, an ordering system that adapts to any restaurant menu for their customers to order their food online.

"Back in 1999, I came up with the concept for Order Made!® I actually wrote a first version but stopped there thinking that it was too soon and no one would want it. Papa John's Pizza actually started their own system two years later, in 2001," says Alexis Wilke, the CEO of Made to Order Software. "And in May 2008, they announced that they had reached $1 billion in online sales. Then ...