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Made to Order Software releasing Order Made!® v1.11

In October 2007, Made to Order Software released the first version of Order Made!®, an ordering system that adapts to any restaurant menu for their customers to order their food online.

"Back in 1999, I came up with the concept for Order Made!® I actually wrote a first version but stopped there thinking that it was too soon and no one would want it. Papa John's Pizza actually started their own system two years later, in 2001," says Alexis Wilke, the CEO of Made to Order Software. "And in May 2008, they announced that they had reached $1 billion in online sales. Then this October, Chipotle, a chain of Mexican restaurants, announced online sales of $2 million. So we think that we got Order Made!® out just at the right time."

Offering an online system to your customers means no waiting in line and no busy signal when they call on the phone. And even if they hesitate to order online, a website with your restaurant menu increases your marketing reach. With weekly specials or exciting events, it is the best way to let your customers know about them. Order Made!® really puts you in control. It lets you change your menu any time and make it come to life. Order Made!® also works for restaurants that do not have a computer or an Internet connection. In that case, it sends orders by fax.

For customers, Order Made!® is intuitive and a quick way to order ahead so that their dinner is waiting for them to either dine in or carry out. It is already being used by restaurants around Sacramento, California.

Alexis Wilke
Made to Order Software Corporation