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libsswf: Todo List

Member sswf::TagFont::AddKern (sswf_ucs4_t code0, sswf_ucs4_t code1, long advance)
We would need to make sure that all kerns are distinct.

Member sswf::TagImage::SetImage (long width, long height, unsigned char *data, bool alpha=false, long count=0, unsigned char *colormap=0)
The colormap parameter is currently ignored.

Member sswf::TagMetadata::Save (Data &data)
The loading and optimization code should probably be in a separate set of functions so one could check out what the XML is at anything.

Class sswf::TagSound
This sound does not yet support for streaming sound.

Member sswf::TagSound::sound_format_t
Note that all of these formats are not yet supported by the SSWF library. The ADPCM and NELLYMOSER have no support.

Member sswf::TagSound::SOUND_FORMAT_ADPCM
The libsswf library does not support this compression mode yet.

Member sswf::TagSound::SOUND_FORMAT_MP3
The libsswf library does not yet support this compression. However, it can load and use an existing MP3 file.

This compression format is not yet supported by the sswf library.

Member sswf::TagSound::ReadMP3Header (FILE *f, unsigned char *header)
These MP3 functions badly need to handle a large buffer instead of reading the file byte per byte!

Member RegisterFactory
To be extremely dynamic, we should register all the factories, whatever their priority. That way, a dynamic priority could be created only in special circumstances. That way, these would be used at that time, and it would revert to the normal factory once the special factory was deleted.

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