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libsswf: libsswf_tag_metadata.c++ File Reference

The implementation of the sswf::TagMetadata class. More...


bool is_space (char *&s)
 Is the next character a space?

Detailed Description

This file declares the body of the functions which are not inline. It is part of the SSWF library.

Function Documentation

bool is_space ( char *&  s  ) 

Check whether the specified input string pointer points to a space character. The function recognizes the no-break space character (i.e. 0x00A0 which in UTF-8 is represented as the code byte sequence 0xC2 0xA0.)

The function increments the input string pointer by the number of bytes the space represents minus 1. (i.e. the input string pointer will be incremented whtn the 0x00A0 character is found.)

s The string to check for a space character
'true' when the input string points to a space; 'false' otherwise

Referenced by sswf::TagMetadata::Save().

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