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The Cute Menu (The Module —)


The Cute Menu Drupal Module is used to create advanced dropdown menus. The module is free and can be found on the Drupal website.

The list of items can be grouped under a title. The title is a menu entry which cannot be clicked on.

The dropdown panes can include a header and a footer with images and text.

Note that to make full use of the Cute Menu capabilities, you will be required to write your own CSS to make it look the way you want it to look in your theme.


Cute Menu Update

1st of all Thanks a lot for sharing that module, it's very nice and usefull ...

 But it would be great to have a way to keep customizations after updates.

Right  now I have to copy the images and css  each time there is an update, and I don't see if there is actual updates on the

css file.

Thx Qriz

Drupal Module Updates

Hi Qriz,

Note that we have the same problem for the about 100 modules that we maintain in our installation. We have enhancements and at times fixes that the authors don't bother to apply! (I don't have a problem with a refused fix, but not applied, it is much more annoying!)

However, if you have CSS code to adjust the default module CSS, you may want to consider using the Custom CSS & JS module instead. Or make your changes in your theme. Of course, if you have many installations, that's a problem still.

I suppose we could add something to let users specify the name of a CSS file and thus avoid the default CSS.

As for the other improvements, unless you can share them with us and they make sense for us to add to the module, there isn't much we can do to help. On our end we use Subversion to maintain the modules and their different versions. This is very helpful since we can do svn diff <modulename> whenever we get a new version and see our own changes (that we now mark between {m2osw and m2osw} "tags" to ease the search of our changes.)

If you want to offer enhancements, feel free to open an issue with a patch.

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke