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Using the Taxonomy VTN View feature

One of the options to link terms in a vocabulary to their view is:


This option sends you to that path, exactly (where voc-xxx and term-xxx are numbers representing the vocabulary identifier and term identifier respectively.)

As is, it will tell you that the page does not exist. This is because the taxonomy_view path is to be created with the View module. To create a taxonomy VTN view, you want to define two arguments:

  • Vocabulary, and
  • Term.

The result is a list of nodes that you can control with very high granularity, sort the way you want them sorted... for instance, you may want to hide nodes of a certain type, or only show the nodes from a given type. You may just list unpublished nodes. You can sort on creation date instead of title. Everything that the views offers!

The minimum we recommend in the view:

Argument 1: Taxonomy: Vocabulary ID1

Argument 2: Taxonomy: Term ID1

Filter: Node Published (Yes)

Fields: Node: Title

Style settings: Style: HTML list

Page settings: Path: taxonomy_vtn/%1 2

  • 1. a. b. c. Required
  • 2. You need to add a Page to the View