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CuteMenu Installation & Uninstallation


CuteMenu can be installed like any other Drupal modules. Extract the tar ball in sites/all/modules. The module makes use of two tables in your database. If you do not want to use it anymore, make sure to Uninstall it before deleting the files or you will still have the tables hanging.

Go to Administer » Building site » Modules to select the module so you can use it.

Bug in the core menu system (until Drupal 6.9)

At this time (Oct 25, 2008) there is a "bug" in the core menu system that needs to be fixed for the CuteMenu to work 100%. The only problem is when you create a new menu, by default it won't save the CuteMenu selection properly (i.e. whether that item is a header, footer, title or a normal item--it will default to normal.) The patch is available in the module folder and there:

You do not need to install this patch. The work around is to create the menu item, then edit it and change the CuteMenu selection afterward.

The patch was applied to Drupal Core since version 6.10. Do not try to install the patch if you have Drupal 6.10 or better.


If you want to uninstall the module, go to Administer » Building site » Modules and make sure the module is disabled. Then click on the Uninstall tab at the top of that page. There you will see a list of modules you can uninstall. Select the CuteMenu module and click Uninstall and confirm your willingness to do so. After you uninstalled the module that way, the tables added to your database will have been deleted.