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libsswf: libsswf_util.c++ File Reference

The implementation of utility functions. More...


int sswf::mbtowc (const char *mb, size_t mb_len, sswf_ucs4_t *&wc, size_t &wc_len)
 Transform a multi-byte string in a wide character string.
const char * sswf::sswf_version (void)
 Return the version of the SSWF library.
void sswf::swap (void *s1, void *s2, size_t size)
 Swap the content of two buffers.
char * sswf::wcname (sswf_ucs4_t wc, char *result)
 Transform a wide character in a display name.
long sswf::wcslen (sswf_ucs4_t *wcstr)
 Compute the length of a wide character string.
int sswf::wctomb (const sswf_ucs4_t *wc, size_t wc_len, char *mb, size_t &mb_len)
 Convert a wide character string to a multi-byte string.

Detailed Description

This file declares the body of the functions which are not inline. It is part of the SSWF library.

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