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Insert Node Parameter: target (6-1.4) [no content]

Add a window target in a link. For example

   [node:123 target=_blank; link]

This option only applies to links and defines the target attribute of those links, as created with:

Insert Node Parameter: title (6-1.1),

Insert Node Parameter: link (5-1.0), or

Insert Node Parameter: more (6-1.1).

Using the target option by itself resets the Insert Node module to the default behavior (i.e. no target attribute):

   [node:123 target=_blank; link target more]

The title link will have target="_blank" and the more link will not.

Note that this data is considered a [no content] because it does not affect the use of the "default" parameter. However, it definitively adds content to your links.


Note that the parameter value ends with a semi-colon! Only window names and special names are accepted in this parameter. An invalid window name will generally be ignored by browsers. See the following w3c documentation for more information (HTML 4.01):


"By itself, this option has no effect"?

The sentence  "By itself, this option has no effect." was a bit puzzling to me. Would it be an idea to rephrase 

By itself, this option has no effect. It defines the target of all the following links you create with:

into something like:

This option only applies to links and defines the target of those links, created with

Re: rephrase the "this is useless"...

Thank you for the review of the documentation. I don't get those very often! smiley

I applied the changes.