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Insert Node Parameter: repeat (6-1.2) [no content]

The repeat keyword is used to repeat the filtering on the data just inserted. This is particularly useful with the asterisk name or on nodes that do not otherwise include a format that transforms the tags included in themselves.

This let you create nodes that are like macros.

Note that the macro can itself include a repeat in one of its Insert Node tags.1


Try to avoid using the repeat keyword. To have deep recursivity, it is better to have (and probably easier to manage) all the nodes support the Insert Node filter instead.


It is very important to note that in general we do not include a filter in a format because the users who have permission to use that format should not be allowed to use that filter.

For your macros, make sure that only users with permissions to use the Insert Node filter are allowed to create those macro nodes since their content will include one or more Insert Node tag that will be executed (filtered) in another node!

  • 1. As far as I can tell, this will not create recursive calls, however, if you have a problem with a macro using repeat, try to remove the keyword to see if that solves the problem. If so, let me know by opening an issue or posting a comment below and I can look into a way to prevent the recursion. Thank you.