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SWF Sound Info (swf_sound_info)

SWF Structure Info
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SWF Structure: 
struct swf_soundinfo {
	unsigned short		f_sound_id_ref;
	unsigned		f_reserved : 2;
	unsigned		f_stop_playback : 1;
	unsigned		f_no_multiple : 1;
	unsigned		f_has_envelope : 1;
	unsigned		f_has_loops : 1;
	unsigned		f_has_out_point : 1;
	unsigned		f_has_in_point : 1;
	if(f_has_in_point) {
		unsigned long	f_in_point;
	if(f_has_out_point) {
		unsigned long	f_out_point;
	if(f_has_loop_count) {
		unsigned short	f_loop_count;
	if(f_has_envelope) {
		unsigned char	f_envelope_count;
		swf_envelope	f_envelope[f_envelope_count];

Information on how to playback a sound effect. These are found in a StartSound and a DefineButtonSound.

The f_sound_id_ref is a reference to an earlier DefineSound tag.

The f_stop_playback can be set to 1 in which case the sound stops as soon as the next ShowFrame is reached. All the other flags should be set to 0 when this one is 1.

The f_no_multiple flag indicates whether the same sound effect can be played more than once at a time.

The f_in/out_point indicate the start and end points where the sound should start playing and where it will end. f_in_point should always be smaller than f_out_point. By default, f_in_point is taken as being 0 and f_out_point is set to the f_sound_samples_count value.

The f_loop_count defines the number of times the sound will be played back. I don't know yet whether there is a special value which means playback forever.


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