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SWF Envelope (swf_envelope)

SWF Structure Info
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SWF Structure: 
struct swf_envelope {
	unsigned long		f_position;
	unsigned short		f_volume_left;
	unsigned short		f_volume_right;

When playing back a sound effect it is possible to modulate the sound to generate different effects (such as a fade in and out). The following defines the stereo volume of the sound.

The position is always given as if the sample data was defined with a rate of 44,100 bytes per seconds. For instance, the sample number 1 in a sound effect with a sample rate of 5.5K is given as position 8 in the envelope. All of these positions should be within the f_in_point and f_out_point.

Mono sound should use the same value for the left and right volumes. Note that it will automatically be averaged if necessary.

Note that the volume goes from 0 to 32768.


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