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SWF Gradient (swf_gradient)

SWF Structure Info
Tag Flash Version: 
SWF Structure: 
struct swf_gradient {
	if(tag == DefineShape4) {
		unsigned		f_spread_mode : 2;
		unsigned		f_interpolation_mode : 2;
		unsigned		f_count : 4;
	else {
		unsigned		f_pad : 4;
		unsigned		f_count : 4;
	swf_gradient_record	f_gradient_record[f_count];
	/* f_type is defined in the swf_fill_style encompassing this gradient */
	if(f_type == 0x13) {
		signed short fixed	f_focal_point;

This structure defines a gradient. This is a set of colors which are used to define an image with colors smoothly varying from one color to the next. The gradient can be radial (circular) or linear (rectangular).

The f_count field is limited depending on the tag used and the version of SWF as defined below:

Range Tag Version
1 to 8 DefineShape 3
1 to 8 DefineShape2 3
1 to 8 DefineShape3 3
1 to 15 DefineShape4 8
1 to 8 DefineShapeMorph 3
1 to 8(1) DefineShapeMorph2 8
(1)  To be determined. The Macromedia documentation says it is limited to 8, the player needs to be tested to verify that DefineShapeMorph2 cannot support 15 gradients

The f_spread_mode is an enumeration and appeared in version 8 (undefined values are reserved.)

Value Comment Version
0 Pad 8
1 Reflect 8
2 Repeat 8

The f_interpolation_mode is an enumeration and appeared in version 8 (undefined values are reserved.)

Value Comment Version
0 Normal RGB mode 8
1 Linear RGB mode 8

The f_focal_point is a position from the left edge of the gradient square to the center and then to the right edge of the gradient. The left edge is at position -1.0, the center at 0.0 and the right edge at +1.0. This is particularly useful for radial gradients.


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