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SWF Fill Style (swf_fill_style)

SWF Structure Info
Tag Flash Version: 
SWF Structure: 
/* f_type = 0x00 - solid fill */
struct swf_fill_style_solid {
	unsigned char		f_type;
	if(f_tag == DefineMorphShape || f_tag == DefineMorphShape2) {
		swf_rgba	f_rgba;
		swf_rgba	f_rgba_morph;
	else if(f_tag == DefineShape3) {
		swf_rgba	f_rgba;
	else {
		swf_rgb		f_rgb;

/* f_type = 0x10 - linear gradient fill,
	    0x12 - radial gradient fill
	    0x13 - focal gradient fill (V8.0) */
struct swf_fill_style_gradient {
	unsigned char		f_type;
	swf_matrix			f_gradient_matrix;
	if(f_tag == DefineMorphShape || f_tag == DefineMorphShape2) {
		swf_matrix	f_gradient_matrix_morph;
	swf_gradient		f_gradient;

/* f_type = 0x40 - tilled bitmap fill with smoothed edges,
	    0x41 - clipped bitmap fill with smoothed edges,
	    0x42 - tilled bitmap fill with hard edges (V7.0)1,
	    0x43 - clipped bitmap fill with hard edges (V7.0)2 */
struct swf_fill_style_bitmap {
	unsigned char		f_type;
	unsigned short		f_bitmap_ref;
	swf_matrix		f_bitmap_matrix;
	if(f_tag == DefineMorphShape || f_tag == DefineMorphShape2) {
		swf_matrix	f_bitmap_matrix_morph;

union swf_fill_style {
	unsigned char		f_type;
	swf_fill_style_solid	f_solid;
	swf_fill_style_gradient	f_gradient;
	swf_fill_style_bitmap	f_bitmap;
  • 1. See description for more info.
  • 2. See description for more info.

The fill style is defined in the first byte. The values are defined below. Depending on that value, the fill style structure changes as shown below. swf_fill_style is a union of all the other structures.

Notice that types 0x42 and 0x43 are only available since version 7 and type 0x13 is only available since version 8.

Note that these values were introduced in Flash 7 but it looks like only player 8 supported the distinction between hard edges and smooth edges on a per shape basis. That would explain why I could not see any difference between smooth and hard shapes when I tested this feature in Flash 7.

Before Flash 8, all shapes would be smoothed if the global quality of the movie was set to BEST. In Flash 8, nothing is smoothed by default whatever the quality and the smoothed or hard selection in a shape can be used as a hint on a per shape basis. Following this specification closely can be important in some situations.


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