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McAfee to acquire MX Logic, but...

Today I read that McAfee is to acquire MX Logic (was

I may have heard of MX Logic before, but the reason why I went to their website today is because I had multiple connections from their mail service to my mail system.

So I quickly checked out the MX Logic website to see what that company is about...

With proprietary technologies, a global security platform and a comprehensive suite of online solutions, MX Logic serves organizations worldwide to eliminate online threats and protect the integrity of their business communications.

They are selling technology to protect you from spam and viruses coming in your electronic mailbox. So it makes sense that McAfee would want to purchase them. Now, why would I be getting spam from them???

I'm pretty sure that I would not be getting multiple SMTP connections at once. I'm not using their service nor are any of my customers.


McAfee to acquire MX Logic, but...


MX Logic also has an outbound service, and they have a ton of customers using it.  so anyone sending you an email could be using their service, and, thus, you would see an SMTP session from MX Logic to you as their system is trying to deliver email to your server from a customer using their outbound service.