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PHP eFax: http_request_exception Class Reference

http_request_exception Class Reference

Exception used when detecting an invalid parameter. More...

Inheritance diagram for http_request_exception:

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($message="", $code=0, $previous=NULL)
 Initalize the http_request_exception object. More...

Detailed Description

Unfortunately the old scheme used an exception from the PEAR HttpRequest that used the name "invalid param exception" even though it could be thrown when the system timed out.

We have a new exception though that we use when we detect an invalid parameter so that way we do not catch it in eFax and thus the caller gets the information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

http_request_exception::__construct (   $message = "",
  $code = 0,
  $previous = NULL 

This constructor ensures that the http_request_exception is fully initialized.

[in]$messageThe message of this exception (the error).
[in]$codeThe error code representing this exception (not used internally).
[in]$previousThe previous exception level (not used internally).

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