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To Do List Known Issues

Cannot Assign User to To Do List item

When you first install the module, I wouldn't be surprised if you'd want to create a To Do List item right away and then assign the task to one or more users.

It won't work.

Before users can be assigned a To Do List item, you must give them permission to be assigned to such an item. This is done in the usual permission place: Administer » User management » Permissions. You may also want to create a new role of people who deal with To Do List items.

Actually, the To Do List module comes with many permissions so you may want to review this page To Do List Permissions for more information on how to deal with all of them.

Disappearing Block

The To Do Block can be setup to disappear (hide) whenever the list of To Do items is empty.

This causes a problem when a user also has the choice between Urgent or All items.

Situation: The user has 3 items left, all 3 have a Medium priority and are not close the to their deadline.

Result: The Urgent list is empty, the All list has 3 items.

Known Issue: The user clicks Urgent, the block disappears on the next page load because the list is empty.

Current Fixes:

  • Force the list to Urgent or All in the Block configuration
  • Unselect the Hide block when empty checkbox
  • Post an Urgent To Do item for that user and have him switch back to All
  • Clear all the PHP sessions assigned to that user (no Drupal API available for this one.)

JavaScript requirement

The To Do Block in the sidebar uses JavaScript and AJAX.

Two features that require JavaScript.


The block pager is created using JavaScript. Thus, a user without JavaScript cannot see but the first page in the list. This is a big problem since the user can always go to his account and use that pager instead.

The pager also makes use of AJAX to read the pages. Obviously, if the pager does not even appear, this is not going to even be accessible.

Block Tab

The Block Tab makes use of AJAX to communicate with the server and switch between the Urgent and All lists. The Tab should not be used if some of your users do not have JavaScript to ensure that the behavior is proper for all.

A future version of this module will circumvent these problems by offering links that work by default that JavaScript can tweak to get the AJAX functionality.

Bug in AHAH Helper module (up to rc12)


The older versions of the module (Up to to_do-6.x-1.1-rc12) would use the AHAH Helper module to handle form features with AJAX. The AHAH extension is very complicated to use and it was removed by Alexis Wilke when he made his updates. Now, version 1.0 and over do not make use of the AHAH feature at all and thus you obviously will not be hit by this problem.

There was a bug in the ahah helper module that caused an HTTP 500 error1 to appear when using this module. To fix this bug, you need to apply the patch that is attached to the initial post in this thread. This bug existed in AHAH Helper 2.0 (version as of July 16, 2009).

If you don't know how to apply patches, you can do this:

  1. Open up ahah_helper.module in a text editor
  2. Find this line:
    • require_once($form_state['storage']['#ahah_helper']['#file']);
  3. Remove the '#' character before '#file' so the line like like this:
    • require_once($form_state['storage']['#ahah_helper']['file']);
  4. Save the file, upload it to your server, and you should be good to go.
  • 1. HTTP 500 Invalid server error.