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XML Sitemap Setup

The XML Sitemap module allows you to submit your websites to several search engines:

  • Google
  • Bing (this includes Yahoo! which was bought by Microsoft)

You simply have to turn on the feature and the submissions will automatically happen. To do so, go to admin/settings/xmlsitemap/engines, open each search engine fieldset and select the checkbox, you are done.

Now you probably will notice other fields for the different search engines. Those are used to authenticate your site. It does not make any difference to the submission process. However, it can greatly help you when it comes down to verifying your site. The spiders log information such as missing pages (pretty much all systems will tell you about broken links) and virus detection (Bing checks bad code floating on your site, although very smart bad code will remain hidden when a spider comes to check the site out... so don't take that as a bullet proof result that you are not infected...)

If you have a Drupal website with Made to Order Software Corporation, there is a trick about the Google and Yahoo! filenames. Both give you a filename that ends with .html, however, we use a .htaccess file that removes the .html extension before calling the Drupal system. This means a file such as yahoo_sitemap_123.html will never be found. You want to enter yahoo_sitemap_123 without the extension.

Yahoo! fieldset from XML Sitemap
The verification link has no .html