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Simplemenu Inactive Parents


A simple menu is composed of parent menus and children menus. A child has no drop-down menu and a parent does.

By default all the menu items are active, meaning that they all are links one can click on to reach the corresponding destination.

This simplemenu extension allows for turning the link off by replacing the anchor reference in a named anchor. The HTML tag being the same, the simplemenu looks the same, but the item cannot be clicked.

At this time, there is no option to make some of the parent items clickable and others not.


There is no settings for this module. Installing it runs it. To stop this functionality, disable the module.


This module makes use of the theme registry. Remember that the registry is cached and thus it may or may not work because the cache is not properly reset. In order to make sure, before reporting a bug, you should clear your theme registry cache (the Admin menu or Mini modules offer such a feature.)

Known Issue

By default, Simplemenu is set to avoid calling the theme() function call.

Calling the theme() function from a hook_init() callback prevents the system from changing the theme as defined by other modules: blocks, administration theme and other theme changers such as themekey.

A call to theme() forces the $default_theme global variable to be set, and since that theme has now been used, there is no changing back to another theme afterward.

However, this module hacks the theme() call generating the menu items. In other words, having theme() called is your only hope to get the inactive menus to work.

Allow Simplemenu to call the theme() function

This snapshot shows you the default state of the flag which means that this very module will not work as noted in the IMPORTANT NOTE at the bottom.

See other Simplemenu known issues.