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Upgrading from version 1.0/1.1 to 1.2 or newer (or -dev) for Drupal 6.x users

I changed the name of the module back to InsertNode (although I did not want to, I did not want to jeopardize the Drupal 5 version... which would probably have been fine, but well...)

So, the newer version of the D6 module is again called InsertNode.

To upgrade you will want to keep the other version running until you get the new version as the replacement (although you can manage your site the way you'd like this procedure let you switch from the previous version to the new version without having to turn off your site for a little while.)

  1. Extract the new version, it adds InsertNode in your list of modules (in your filesystem). It does NOT overwrite the previous version which was insert_node.
  2. Switch to your website and go to /admin/buid/modules
  3. Open the "Input filters" package
  4. Search for "Insert Node," you should see two of them, the old one says "A filter that includes content from one node in another", whereas the new one is a little more verbose and says: "A filter to include content from one node in another, or anywhere a filter is used (i.e. a block)"
  5. Select the new "Insert Node" filter, keep the old one selected
  6. Go to /admin/settings/filters
  7. Edit each filter (if you know which ones use the old Insert Node module, you may just edit those.)
    1. Switch between the old and new Insert Node. The old filter says: "Insert node". The new filter says: "Insert node [re-renamed]"
    2. Click on Save
    3. If the order is important, go back to your filter and change the order as required.
  8. Repeat the input filter procedure for all the filters where the Insert node filter is used
  9. Once done, go back to /admin/build/modules and disable the old Insert node
  10. You may go in and run the uninstall function but since there is no .install file, nothing will happen (there are no setting other than those defined in the tags...)
  11. If necessary, reset your caches1 (it should not be necessary since the new module will generate the same output.)
  • 1. In that regard, remember that the filter output is cached by the system.