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Insert Node Known Issues

The following are problems that have not been resolved and will probably not be.

Tag not transformed

At times, you enter the tag as in [node:123 cck=title] and it is not converted by the filter.

There are 3 common reasons for this to append:

  1. You did not select the filter in your Input formats;
  2. You did not select the format that uses the filter in that node; or
  3. There is a syntax error in the tag.

The 3rd one is certainly the most likely explanation once you made sure that the filter was effectively selected for that node. In many cases, it will be the missing semi-colon after the parameter value. In the example above, the cck parameter must end with a semi-colon as in: cck=title;.

Otherwise, check that all the parameters are indeed valid parameters for the node filter version you have.

Finally, I have seen it happen: make sure that you do not include spaces in the name. If the node name has spaces, use the node identifier instead. The syntax does not allow for a node name with spaces1.


In the Drupal 5.x version, it is possible to create a loop when you insert nodes in circle (i.e. A inserts B which in turn inserts A.)

In the Drupal 6.x version we have a recursivity protection. If the module detects that a node inserts itself, then it breaks the loop and generates an inline error message. Fix the circling insertion to remove the error message.

PHP Errors

A node can contain PHP code. In that case, it is not unlikely that the code will be executed multiple times when loading a page inside another. In other words, if you do something with a global or a static variable, they will eventually not be equal to what you expected on the second and further runs. Note that this may especially happen when CRON runs, since some CRON tasks may require many nodes to be loaded and executed multiple times.

For sure, one thing that will break the code is the redefinition of a function. You will want to protect any function definition as follow:

  if (!function_exists('my_func')) {
    function my_func(arg1, arg2, ...) {
      [...] // your function code

Any other entity that can be declared only once needs to be protected in the same way.



I have had issues from people who see taxonomy terms at the top and the links at the bottom (the taxonomy terms are also often called links, although technically, they are different.)

The terms can be removed using the Insert Node Parameter: noterms (6-1.1) [no content] option.

The other links appear or not depending on the option used. By default, they appear. See the Insert Node Parameter: body (5-1.x), Insert Node Parameter: page (6-1.2), Insert Node Parameter: content (6-1.0), Insert Node Parameter: teaser (5-1.x), and Insert Node Parameter: cck (6-1.2) fields.

  • 1. The   characters will be transformed to plain spaces ( ) before parsing the parameters. Therefore, you cannot use   characters to try to make this work. Also, %20 will not be transformed.