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Getting Rid of Deactivated Facebook Friends

I was slowly nearing 5,000 friends when all of a sudden I had 5,089!

Wondering what was happening, a post on the Blackhat World forum caught my eye as someone mentioned the fact that he had 5,700 friends. The answer was that deactivated friends do count (they are counted as part of your friends even though they do not have an account anymore!)

I went on asking how I could get find those and you actually simply have to look at your list of friends and deactivated accounts have no picture and no "Friend" button to the right. The following picture shows you what I'm talking about.

To remove such friends click on their name and then click the unfriend link. Facebook will then ask you whether you really want to remove the deactivated friend before proceeding. That's it.

Deactivated friends are found in your list of friends without a Friend button to the right.

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