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How do I add my Facebook badge to my Blogger page?

When I created my blog on Blogger, I felt like it was a bit dry at first. So I looked into what to add in the column on the side... Since I like to make friends on Facebook, I thought that adding my badge would be a good idea.

It is quick to do and everyone can do it, really! So... first log in both Blogger and Facebook. In Facebook, go to your wall and click on Edit My Profile. The link is under your picture (and I hope you uploaded a photo! People want to see your face!!! Not your dog or your car.)

Facebook Profile sample (Apr 2010)

Once in your profile, click on the Contact Information bar. Then click on the link "Create a Facebook badge for your website".

WARNING: If you made changes to your profile, save the changes first and come back before clicking on the link.

Facebook Gadget selectionOkay... Wait a little and a new page appears. Now you can click on the Blogger button. As you can see Facebook offers a ready-made Blogger gadget on their website.

Ah! You are back in Blogger! On that page simply click on Add Widget at the bottom left. It is now in your blog page layout. Using the mouse, you can move the badge around as desired. You can also edit it to change the title (You may not want to change the HTML though!) Once done with the placement, make sure to click Save at the top-right corner. Otherwise you'll lose your changes!

Blogspot screenshot showing the Add Widget button when adding Facebook on your blog.

Is there some other technical thing you also wonder about? Ask below and I will either answer here or create a new post! Thank you.




Hi, thanks for that. My badge on blogger states the name of the Facebook group and the number of fans. However the badge doesn't automatically update when more people become fans. To update it you have to edit the badge via Facebook each time. Any way around this?

Fan counter...


I would think that it will update. They most certainly use several different caches and thus it is difficult to say when/how often. I would think it would depend on the number of users becoming fans (i.e. it could be as often as every 5 minutes or as slow as once a day.)

How long did you wait to see whether it was changing?

Thank you.

badge for a FB group


I have a FB group and would like to advertise it on my blog. I don't see a way of creating a badge for my group.Any old school techniques I could use?

Group Badges


I don't manage any groups.

According to the pages that I manage, the code for badges is not specific to pages, it's a global thing on Facebook. So you may be able to go directly to the applications starting here:

Hope this helps!

New Timeline View

Hi Alexis,

Can you guide me on how to capture the same FB badge from the newly launched Timeline view, as I have already shifted myself to that and I would like the FB badge on my Blog.. 

Waiting for your reply..

Re: New Timeline View

I would imagine that the widget itself is the same deal. How to get there may indeed be different. But this is specifically for Blogger not for you to search on Facebook. I'd don't see why Blogger would have changed their interface (although they do once in a while...)

Thank you for asking!