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Training at Made to Order Software

Made to Order Software is commited in making its products easy to use and ensure maximum performance from its customers' engineers.

All of our products are documented in fine detail, ensuring that your engineers can quickly find the information they need to move forward.

In order to make sure your engineers can make full use of our tools and be able to hit the ground running, we offer tailored on-site training with a Made to Order Software certified instructor for all of our professional products.

Our extensive training curriculum includes instruction in the following:

  • Made to Order Software library and tool installation;
  • Made to Order Software library organization;
  • How to make the best efficient use of our tools;
  • How to write code compiling and running on multiple platforms;
  • How to upgrade when you receive bug fixes;
  • Detailed description of all aspects of our libraries and tools.

You also have full access to our online documentation, including all the training materials, at any time.

Powerful software is difficult to master. Our extensive training sessions will put your engineers on the right track from day 1. Ensure your software engineers can excel! Sign up today!

Whenever you purchase one or more of our professional products, you can sign up for training sessions which our instructors will conduct in your offices. On-site training is available in USA, Australia, Japan, Canada and Europe1.

Contact us now to setup your next training session.

  • 1. at this time our training sessions are limited to English and French.