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How small are computers getting?

Mini-computer versus Mouse

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Computer Stick

Looking at Mini Computers, I found this Fanless Mini PC based on the Intel Atom Z8350 processor by SmallRT. The picture includes a mouse to give you an idea of the size of that thing. It's tiny! Maybe not what you want, but you can already do a lot with that little one.

The connector on the left side is an HDMI plug which spits out 4K of video graphics. It's just totally amazing to me. Of course, we had the Pi3 and now we have the Pi4... but those are computers for hackers. Here we're talking about computers for anyway.

The reason that so many Mini Computers are making their way out is because of cell phones and smartwatches. Those devices are small too and they use similar components. It also made it possible for those components to become really cheap.

As I mentioned above, this may not be what you want, at the same time, the processor reaches similar speed as a Pentium processor, around 1.42Ghz to 1.92Ghz and it consumes nearly no electricity.

The computer has two USB ports, one which is v2 and the other v3. You may use those for a mouse and a keyboard, although the computer comes with WiFi and Bluetooth, so you can connect with many devices without cables (i.e. keyboard and mouse and your printer, smart phone, external hard drive...) But once in a while you may have a device you need to connect directly.

If the default drive isn't enough for you, you have space to place a Micro SD-Card. It supports up to 128Gb of data there.

And like a server, it has an auto-ON feature. If you lose power while running, the BIOS will remember and when the power comes back, it automatically reboots. A great feature if you want to use the computer with a device such as a security camera.

The one thing you may find a bit limited is the RAM. It only offers 4Gb. It's more than enough for a lot of things, but as soon as you start doing serious work on a computer with modern tools (i.e. an IDE in Gnome), it breaks very quickly.

If you're looking for a ready to go pretty cheap tiny computer, this is a good way to go!