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Terms in MO Websites Help Features

Lists the different features available in the help system of the Made to Order Software Corp. hosting system.


  • adsense
    AdSense requires the user to enter his AdSense User Identifier in the settings. Otherwise it just won't work. Also, he may want to tweak the blocks until he likes it best.
  • anti_spam
    Basic anti-spam feature, namely a CAPTCHA for now.


  • basic_seo
    Basic SEO gives you the possibility to add a few meta-tags to your website pages. It also gives you the capability to add site verification which means you can register your website with Google Webmaster Tools, Technorati, and many other websites.
  • basic_social_media
    Basic Social Media with the AddThis module.
  • basic_statistics
    Not so basic, support for the Google Analytics system! The user has to enter his Google Analytics key in order to get this working.
  • blog
    The basic blog (i.e. Free Blog.) Just to make sure, we want to tell users how they can post a new Journal entry with the basic blog.


  • ckeditor
    The CKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor for websites.
  • contact
    The contact feature adds a contact form to your website. It includes a few header fields where one can enter his name and email address and a comment area to write the actual contact message.


  • default_pages
    Business class websites come with a set of default pages such as the Home, About Us, and Contact pages.


  • fckeditor
    The FCKeditor is a WYSIWYG editor for websites.
  • file_attachments
    Help about file attachments. Where they can be found and how to manage attachments from others.
  • follow_us
    Follow us settings, where do we enter site links? Where do we enter personal links?


  • help
    The basic help feature, which includes all the help for all the base profile, such as the Site information, Date and time, and Taxonomy.


  • legal_pages
    Business class websites come with a Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages offered by Made to Order Software Corp.


  • onsite_images
    Describes the use of the IMCE extension in the FCKeditor.


  • remote_blog
    The Remote Blog feature let the user connect to his website via a Blog API so GUI based tools can post to the website without having to go to the site. This technology is not perfect, but it helps create a post without having the slowness of the FCKeditor and similar parts of the website.


  • social_media_ping
    Offers a ping feature so users to post their blogs on different websites.