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Simplemenu Upgrade Path

Version 7.x

Version 7.x-1.x-dev is a starting point... It is not complete, although it shows you a functional Management menu as a dropdown. More to come as time allows... See issue [#791664] for more info.

Version 6.x

Version 6.x-1.13 fixes the vertical menu problem which had to do with CSS caching getting lost.

Version 6.x-1.10 to 6.x-1.12 fixes the non-called theme() function versus the other sub-modules that have callbacks through the theme() calls. However, we really need to have callbacks instead. Added horizontal and vertical themes. Attempts to fix to the vertical menu problem

jsMath Installation


In order to use the jsMath for displaying mathematics with TeX Drupal 6.x module you need:

InsertNode Compatibility (D5/D6)

Version 6.x added many new features (parameters, themes, etc.) to the module. However, the tags themselves remain backward compatible except for those two parameters:

  • collapsible
  • collapsed

The D5 version will insert the node content and make it collapsible or collapsed.

The D6 version inserts nothing on these parameters. It only makes the result collapsible or collapsed.

So if you are using D5 and want to keep the collapsible and collapsed look the same, you must add the body keyword as in:

[node:123 body collapsible]

[node:123 body collapsed]


Tag Info
Tag Number: 
Tag Type: 
Tag Flash Version: 
Brief Description: 

New container tag for ActionScripts under SWF 9. Includes only actions. This tag is not defined in the official Flash documentation.

Tag Structure: 
struct swf_doabc {
	swf_tag			f_tag;		/* 72 or 82 */
	if(f_tag == DoABC) {
		unsigned long	f_action_flags;
		string		f_action_name;
	swf_action3		f_action_record[variable];

*the version specified here is the version in which the tags appeared—however, actions of higher versions can be used with older version tags and thus this version doesn't indicate the version of all the actions used in this tag

The DoABC and DoABCDefine are available since version 9. These are similar to the old DoAction and DoInitAction, yet the actions use a way different declaration scheme and they include flags and a name. This new scheme helps greatly in simplifying the definitions of ECMAScript classes and accelerate the access to the code tremendously.

Note that the ...


Tag Info
Tag Number: 
Tag Type: 
Tag Flash Version: 
Brief Description: 

A bitmap compressed using ZLIB (similar to the PNG format).

Tag Structure: 
struct swf_definebitslossless {
	swf_long_tag		f_tag;		/* 20 or 36 */
	unsigned short		f_image_id;
	unsigned char		f_format;	/* 3, 4 or 5 */
	unsigned short		f_width;
	unsigned short		f_height;
	if(f_format == 3) {
		unsigned char	f_colormap_count;
		if(f_tag == DefineBitsLossless) {
			swf_rgb		f_colormap[f_colormap_count];
		else {
			swf_rgba	f_colormap[f_colormap_count];
		unsigned char	f_indices[((f_width + 3) & -4) * f_height];
	else {
		if(f_tag == DefineBitsLossless) {
			swf_xrgb	f_bitmap[f_width * f_height];
		else {
			swf_argb	f_bitmap[f_width * f_height];

These tags declares a loss-less image bitmap. It has a small header followed by an optional colormap and the bitmap data. When we have a colormap, the bitmap data is an array of indices in the colormap aligned to 4 bytes on a per row basis.

There are three supported formats:

Color Format Comments
(8 bits(1))

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