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Unknown SWF Tag: 
This tag is defined by the Flash documentation by Adobe
Brief Description: 

Names a frame or anchor. This frame can later be referenced using this name.

Tag Structure: 
struct swf_framelabel {
	swf_tag			f_tag;		/* 43 */
	string			f_label;
	if(version >= 6) {
		/* optional field */
		unsigned short	f_flags;

The FrameLabel tag gives a textual name to a frame. This name can also be used as an anchor in V6.x+ and whenever specified in this way.

At this time, the optional field f_flags must be set to 1 if present. This means it has to be used as an anchor when the URL to the SWF movie includes a #<frame label> at the end.

The f_label is a null terminated string.


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