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Unknown SWF Tag: 
This tag is defined by the Flash documentation by Adobe
Brief Description: 

This tag is used when debugging an SWF movie. It gives information about what debug file to load to match the SWF movie with the source. The identifier is a UUID.

Tag Structure: 
struct swf_debugid {
	swf_tag			f_tag;		/* 63 */
	unsigned char		f_uuid[<variable size>];

The DebugID tag is used to match a debug file (.swd) with a Flash animation (.swf). This is used by the Flash environment and is not required to create movies otherwise.

The f_uuid is a universally unique identifier. The size should be 128 bytes. It is otherwise defined by the size of the tag. All Unix and MS-Windows OSes offer a library to generate UUIDs. Although, you can very well just use a simple counter, it will work too.


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