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Space going green!

Today, the only way to go in Space is to use rockets or fast planes (although the latter does not get you as far as needed to reach even the IST.) Either one of those uses a tremendous amount of quite poluting carburant.

In the future, however, we definitively need to find a way to build an elevator. The building of such a structure has not started though. At this time there are two main reasons why: (1) we think we do not have the technology, and (2) what we have thought about can break with the consequences of getting the debris all over Earth and that could be quite dangerous.

Now there is a solution being worked on called SpaceShaft (a lift to go to space.) The principal is quite interesting and you can read all the details on

The cost of producing a SpaceShaft or any type of space lift may still be prohibitive, but the result would be travel to space at a quite reduce price and a lot less polution, and of concern to many: it would certainly be a lot safer.


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