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Internet Explorer “Save As …”

Today, I found a good one. Internet Explorer has a “Save As …” feature that let you save a page that you are visiting.

The page I have includes a table with a cell that has the align and valign attributes set to center and middle respectively. Once saved with Internet Explorer, these change to vAlign and align and center and middle respectively. Yes. Meaning that the values are swapped. Now the valign says center instead of middle, which will work with most browsers, but the worst is the align that is set to middle. That should never happen.

This is with Internet Explorer 7. It may be a perpetual bug that they need to keep so people’s websites stay broken forever, but at least they work. It seems to be that it would be easy to fix, however.

Hope this helps you in case you were saving some site with Internet Explorer and looking at the output with FireFox, Opera, Safari or SeaMonkey.


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