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PHP eFax available on our website!


I’m glad to announce that PHP eFax is now available for sale on our site. For only $95, you can send faxes within minutes.

It took me a whole week to program that object and a lot of testing. Yes, I sent a lot of faxes before to make it work properly.

If your company needs to send faxes via their website (or their customers website) it can easily save money here! By getting PHP eFax, you won’t need to program anything, really. All you need is to set the fax data in an object and call send(). In minutes you will be sending faxes. You can see a sample here:

Yes. It was not ultra difficult to write, but if a programmer costs $50/h, and he/she needs to work for 40h to make it work… that’s $2,000. PHP eFax is only $95 + about 1h to write the necessary code, that’s a big saving!

And if you have any problems with it, simply contact us. We fully support our products! And if it still does not work for you, we’ll give you your money back.


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