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Is the Open Source costing us money?

More and more, enterprises make use of Open Source software. Why is this a good idea for your company as well?

Many people are scared to do the move. The result is very costly. When you use proprietary software, each time you need an upgrade, you need to pay for it. And in most cases, it is not just once, but a number of times equal to the number of computers you own or the number of staff that use the software. A $200 software may sound really cheap. But if you have 1000 staff, it makes it $200,000.

This is of course very good business for the vendors. However, many small companies just don’t have that kind of money. So one solution is to switch to Open Source. By doing so, you will certainly need a new staff to take care of the free software installations and maintenance. A good salary for such a person is below $60,000. Already, this represents a saving of $140,000 and one more job at your company!

According to a CIO article, Open Source Larges Software Industry: Alfresco CEO, the saving to companies using Open Source today represents a whooping $60 billion dollars. Do you think it is time for you to participate?

At Made to Order Software, we are Linux specialists since the mid-90’s. This means we have over 25 years of cumulative knowledge of the Open Source world. And we truly think we can help you save money. We will give you 1h of free consulting. Call us today at 916 988 1450 to arrange your meeting!


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