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Let’s talk online ordering - Restaurants

Restaurant Owners: You want to shorten your lines or your tables full? Get setup with online ordering - but be careful in your selection. Doing a Google search for “online ordering” will return a number of options: Take out technologies, MealClick, Patron Path, Order Talk, Onosys, eHungry, MealAgent - go ahead and check out their demos. You will see what is out there:  Systems designed by web designers without a grasp for quality functionality. Or they will charge you for custom development that is outside of your budget. Restaurant owners: Please do not be tricked by these systems - they do not sell themselves and any price you pay will be wasted. Check out Order Made! instead - an online ordering system designed by software engineers that overcomes the problems of the other systems: performance, organization, and quality design for only $150 per month.


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