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Turn Watcher 1.3 is out!

Made to Order Software Corporation is proud to announce the 1.3 release of Turn Watcher, an Initiative and Effects Tracker... and more!

Version 1.3 includes many bug fixes making the interface run faster especially with a large number of combatants.

Also, we added support to display a second window with the characters and monsters. Window that you can show to your users on a second monitor! The Heads Up Display or HUD is a window with limited viewing so you can show what you choose to show to your players.

Turn Watcher is supported on all of the following systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Vista
  • Linux Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linspire, Debian
  • Linux FedoraCore 5, RedHat, Mandrake
  • Other Linux distributions

Release 2.0 is approaching and it will include a Mac OS/X version of Turn Watcher. We will keep you informed!