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Turn Watcher 1.2 is out!

Made to Order Software Corporation is proud to announce the 1.2 release of Turn Watcher, an Initiative and Effects Tracker...and more!

Version 1.2 now supports spell and other effect tracking. A optional new window appears at the bottom of the main window that allows you to add, edit and remove effects for the currently highlighted combatant. When an effect expires on the current combatant's turn, you are alerted and asked if you wish to delete the expired effect.

You may also add effects to multiple characters at once by highlighting them, then clicking the "A" button. Likewise, you may purge all effects by highlighting multiple characters and clicking the "X" button.

Use effects to give characters temporary hit points in one of two ways: you may enter temporary hit points (as per the D&D 3.5 rules, where damage is removed first from the temporary hit point pool, then from the regular hit point pool) or as a hit point boost (hit points are added to the main pool, but removed when the effect either expires or is deleted--this works well with the 3.5e "Bear's Endurance" spell).

You may also delay the onset of an effect for any number of rounds. For example, in the 3.5e rules, the Bard ability "Inspire Courage" can be activated by a combatant on her turn, but won't kick in until the following round--Turn Watcher makes this easy by allowing you to specify a "Start In" value--in this case, enter "1." On the bard's next turn, the effect kicks in and you are notified by a pop-up window.

We also greatly improved the initiative tracking feature such that when new combatants are either Added, Duplicated or Imported while in rounds, initiative is automatically calculated for the new combatants, and they are inserted into proper initiative order. However, you can still move them around with the "Move in Initiative" feature. You should notice a generate speed increase in general.

When a combatant is moved in initiative order (either manually or via Delay/Ready actions), its entry line is highlighted in cyan. This helps avoid confusion when the initiative roll appears to be out of order (but isn't).

Turn Watcher supported on all of the following systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP
  • Linux Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linspire, Debian
  • Linux FedoraCore 5, RedHat, Mandrake
  • Other Linux distributions

In a future release, we will be targeting the Mac OS/X platform (10.4 users only). We will keep you informed!